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How we can help

We make software for businesses.

Your business is unique and complex. We really do get it. When the wealth of information in your business is growing, and growing fast, we help you manage and get the most from it. Our systems are carefully made to match the way you operate your business.

We make friendly web-based systems that all your staff can access to manage information generated from your daily business activities. Whatever information is relevant to your business, be it customers and prospective customers, investments, correspondence, documents, projects, suppliers, policies or any other type of entity, our software can handle it.

Information flows in and out of each system from people throughout an organisation as part of their daily operations. Current status, snapshots, history and forecasts can be reported at any time. Overdue events can be flagged, processes monitored and workflow tracked.

Our systems can be extended and adapted easily to keep pace with the changing needs of your business.

Our systems work on the major web browsers and platforms, including mobile devices.

Each system has a comprehensive security matrix that manages who has access to what. Management can have full access to a system including any commercially sensitive reports. Staff can have selected access to other areas, and clients, subcontractors, investors can be given access to areas relating to their involvement.

Our software can be broadly categorised as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. ERP systems enable a competitive advantage through improved efficiency, consistency and collaboration.

Who we have helped

Leighs Computing has created ERP systems for:

CustomerAbout the customerNature of the system
Commonwealth Development Corporation (UK) The UK Government owned investor in developing countries. www.cdcgroup.com Leighs provided their primary portfolio management and reporting system used by investment staff throughout the company. Tracks and reports all aspects of investments from initial contact to exits.
Actis Capital (UK, with offices worldwide) Major investor in emerging markets with about US$ 5 billion invested. act.is Leighs provided the primary portfolio and fund management and reporting system used by their staff in offices throughout the world. Tracks and reports all aspects of investments from initial contact to exits.
Silverfleet Capital (UK, Europe, USA) Formetly PPM Ventures, part of Prudential's investment arm. A major European private equity firm with over EUR 1 Billion funds under management. silverfleetcapital.com Leighs provided a portfolio management system covering all aspects from initial prospects to final exits from investments.
Aureos Capital (UK, with offices worldwide) Global private equity investor in 50 emerging market countries. aureos.com Leighs Computing created a unique system for analysing the environmental impact, social impact and governance of Aureos' investments.
Paraloan (NZ) Paraloan is a charitable foundation that provides low interest loans to people with physical disabilities. paraloan.org.nz Leighs created their loan administration system covering all business operations, from enquiries, loan applications, interest calculation, forecasting, loan statments and comprehensive reporting.
Leighs Construction Ltd (NZ) Leighs Construction is an emerging leader in commercial, industrial and civil projects in the South Pacific region. leighsconstruction.com Leighs Computing provided a comprehensive system used by all staff to track primary business operations. It covers leads, tenders, construction projects, relationships and correspondence with clients, consultants, suppliers, subcontractors.
Association of British Travel Agents (UK) ABTA provides financial protection, guidance and advice to travel agents and tour operators in the United Kingdom. www.abta.com Leighs Computing provided a system that determines the course of action for the travelling public when a travel company ceases to trade.

Other systems

Our systems are relevant to all industry sectors.

Leighs Computing has provided a system that manages customer orders and stock transfers in a point-of-sale retail environment. To date the system has enabled the ordering and dispatching of over 20,000 customer orders and branch transfers.

We have implemented an online database for a particular breed of dog, the largest database of its kind. The system tracks the health, genealogy, awards, breeders and photos of over 45,000 Flat Coated Retrievers - flatcoatdata.com

Other systems include a litigation tracking system used by a legal team in the UK. It records the details, progress and predicted outcomes of over a thousand cases.

We have created systems for internal corporate use, featuring news and announcements, contact lists and staff profiles, policies and publications, meeting room bookings, presentation assembly tools.

These systems have been made possible with unique technology designed and created by Leighs Computing.

Our technology

Leighs Computing has developed a technology platform that allows for efficient and cost-effective ERP software development.

The systems we have made vary widely, but all share a common core. This core provides the basis for web-based database-centric ERP systems. A middle layer encapsulates specific business activities, and an outer layer determines the visual appearance and branding of each system.

Three layers

  • Core: the same technology platform is used for each system.
  • Business: contains logic and rules specific to your business.
  • Branding: comprises logos, colour schemes, fonts and layout information.


Systems are built around a common core. Responsible for:

  • Web-based presentation,
  • Data management,
  • Managing entities & attributes,
  • Data capture & retrieval,
  • Document management,
  • Search results,
  • Data analysis,
  • Graphing, reporting, exporting,
  • Role-based security,
  • User management & authentication,
  • Change log/auditing,
  • Email notifications & publications.

Business layer

The specifics about your business operations are here:

  • Modelling of business operations,
  • Definition of entity types,
  • Relationships between entity types,
  • Forms and fields,
  • Report definitions.


Determines the appearance of each system:

  • Your corporate colours and logo,
  • Strap lines and any messages,
  • Other visual aspects (fonts, layout).

Systems are configured by defining Entities and Attributes in the Business layer.


Examples of Entities are customers, projects, investments, estimates, announcements, tasks. They differ from system to system and depend entirely on the nature of your business.


Attributes are the fields containing information. Examples are name, start date, status, comments, amount, primary contact, website.

Our unique technology is built to support any type of information, and to have Entities and Attributes defined quickly and easily. A wide range of fields are supported including text, numbers, dates, lists, links to entities, tick boxes. A broad set of rules and logic is available to further enhance each system.

Each system has reporting, graphs, user management, security and auditing, searching, filtering, personalisation and a whole host of other features in a collaborative multi-user environment.

The result is a comprehensive well-organised friendly system that is completely aligned with your business.


To find out if we can help you, please contact Philip Leighs. pleighs@leighscomputing.co.nz

Email us now and ask about our one-week challenge. After initial discussions with you, we may offer you a one-week challenge slot, where we aim to blow your mind with a system especially for you in just one week! Criteria applies, limited slots available, system will need feedback and refinements to match your business 100%.

About us

Leighs Computing Ltd

  • Provides web-based ERP software to companies.
  • Previous and current clients include multi-national private equity and financial institutions, retail and commercial construction companies.
  • Leighs Computing Ltd has been operating since the mid-nineties, and is a registered company in New Zealand (since 2003).
  • Based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Philip Leighs

  • Business analyst, consultant and software creator with 16 years experience in commercial software development.
  • Software developed by Philip is used routinely by thousands of people all over the world. There are users in all continents except Antarctica.
  • University of Canterbury Computer Science degree.

Leighs Computing's philosophy on software and business is simple: Give the customer what they want. Be a pleasure to work with.

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